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London National Gallery the best tour destination you should go if you want to learn about people of London history What is on your mind when you hear the word London? Is it Great watch tower of Big Ben, red hydrant and mail box or the double decker bus? London not only offers the beauty of the city, many activities that can be done in this city, from visiting museums to do shopping. The City of London is fairly safe for tourists who want to explore the city on foot or using public transportation. Your holiday trip can be started from Trafalgar Square, a large square in central London, so named to commemorate the Battle of Trafalgar (1805). The national gallery London which is located near Trafalgar square a museum of art that you do not need to pay to enjoy the works in it. Unlike other museums, all collections in this national gallery London belong to the people as 2/3 of the collection is a donation of the British people. Compared to other national gallery's collection in Europe, a collection of paintings owned by the national gallery London is relatively small. Nevertheless, the collection of national gallery London is encyclopedic classified as having a painting that represents almost all the important stages in the development of Western art. Not only the beauty that should be admired, the national gallery London now also has a choir, chorus first museum in the UK. National gallery London was established after the British Government bought 36 paintings from banker named John Julius Anger stein in 1824. About two-thirds of the collection comes from private donations. The part national gallery London that doesn’t change is only the face of the building overlooking Trafalgar Square. The inside of the building has been repeatedly renovated. This building is often criticized, especially from the point of view of aesthetics and lack of showrooms. Tate Gallery was founded in 1897 because of insufficient availability of showrooms at the National Gallery, London.

Yellowstone National Park

The beauty of Yellowstone national park will feast your eyes Yellowstone national park is a volcano, and not just an ordinary volcano.The Yellowstone national park is the oldest and most famous in the United States that sats squarely at the one of the largest volcano on Earth. Yellowstone national park in the state of Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho, USA are just below the peak of one of the world's largest volcano, Yellowstone. However, people were wrong in one important aspect. Yellowstone volcano is still there. To a certain extent that is uncertain, the volcano is still very active. Even these national parks are so big, but to enjoy isn’t difficult. These are already available for exploring Yellowstone. A kind of ring-road path along 86 miles (about 130km) already built past the tourist objects of interest. Some names of volcanoes, there is also the name of a super volcano. The latter have agreed definition of all peoples; the term was popularized in a BBC documentary in 2000. Yellowstone National Park in the state of Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho, USA are just below the peak of one of the world's largest volcano, Yellowstone, Super volcano. Expert worried, active volcano is going to erupt. Moreover, the Yellowstone national park caldera showed signs of increased activity since 2004. There are five entrances to Yellowstone national park are: North Gate through the town of Gardiner Montana, North East Gate pass through Cooke City, Montana, East Gate past the city of Cody, Wyoming, South Gate through the city of Jackson, Wyoming and the West through the gates of West Yellowstone, Montana. One of the benefits go to Yellowstone past the South Gate is a national park passes that others, namely the Grand Teton National Park. Along the 42-mile (about 65 Km) driving a car in this park you will treated to a spectacular panorama. The park is located in the Rocky Mountains is dominated by the Teton mountain range with Grand Teton as the highest mountain. In some places deliberately provided stops to observe the unique natural beauty.

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